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I begin my paintings or collage work by painting out the white of the canvas....with the color orange.  Orange is a favorite color and has a way of shining through the various layers.  I then create marks or lines using  oil pastel, pencil or charcoal to give direction.   This background grounds me.

I work intuitively responding to the color, texture and space of the canvas.  I experiment with the layers of  acrylic paint and glazes. Exposing and re-exposing these layers, using various tools and methods to apply and scape the paint onto the canvas, leads me onto a journey, a story...

When working on a collage I incorporate found objects, ephemera and various types of paper into the piece.

Often times it seems at though the brush is leading me...that the painting already exists and wants me to follow the course...to listen.  
My paintings are colorful abstracts. The work is my statement.  The interpretation is yours!  

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Susan Proehl    abstracts & collage